Creating digital experiences.

Our Story

At Raspberry, we love how digital technology helps us learn, makes us more productive, keeps us informed and connects us in all sorts of ways.

We are a digital strategy, design and build consultancy with nearly two decades of experience in helping people and businesses use the power of digital to do amazing things.

We provide consultancy services to help our clients successfully deliver many diverse digital projects including websites, intranets, online stores, booking systems, CRM systems and bespoke software solutions.

We also develop our own products so we know first-hand the challenges faced by our clients.

Our work

Explore some of our projects below to see what we do and why we're proud of our work.

Our services


Having a great website, mobile app or tech product is only half the story - you need to think about future updates, engaging with your customers, day-to-day operations and digital marketing. And if your product is a hit, how do you scale to cope?

Strategic thinking is at the core of everything we do. We've got plenty of history too, having helped deliver successful digital strategies for startups, small businesses and bigger brands like Royal Mail, NHS, and FES.


How an app looks, and especially how it works are perhaps the most important aspects to its success - whether it be a website, a mobile app or a desktop tool.

We use design and UX best practice throughout every project to ensure that, in addition to being functionally useful, your product will enhance your users' experience and ultimately reflect positively on your brand.


Do you need a bespoke solution or an off-the-shelf package? We don't know yet...but we soon will. Defining the right technology stack to meet your needs is a key ingredient in what we do, and we have decades of expertise to back it up.

We use a proven, agile development process and work intimately with your team and your customers, where possible, to deliver high quality web, mobile and software apps on time and on budget.


To us, the web is so much more than the three main staples of marketing, ecommerce and CMS. Basically, almost anything can be done with a bespoke, web-based app, hosted in the cloud.

Yes we do the basics, but we've also built everything from property management systems to online booking websites, CRM systems and intranet sites. If there's a limit to what can be achieved in the cloud, we haven't found it yet!


It's likely more than half of your traffic will be from a mobile device, which is why we approach all our projects from mobile-first perspective.

A mobile-first web app meets the requirements of the vast majority, but if a dedicated mobile app is what you need then we can help with that too! And what's more, we'll apply the same UX principles and use the same agile development approach as we do on all our projects.


Digital technology is continually moving forward and while traditional software may not seem as sexy nowadays, the lines between desktop, web and mobile apps are becoming increasingly blurred.

However, certain situations such as real-time machine control or offline environments often call for a desktop technology stack, and our extensive background in enterprise software development means we get equally excited about these projects.